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Things Will Never be the Same – or Will They? 

Preface by Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley


While many are longing for life to return to ‘normal’ after COVID-19, the higher education sector will be forced to adapt to a new way of doing business: with five key changes spearheading this new reality, writes Greg Whateley.

Growing up in 1960s Melbourne, I was given my first real administration position at my primary school as ‘milk monitor’. It came with responsibility for ensuring the milk bottles were brought in from the sun in time for recess each day. 

The position came complete with a badge of honour, rubber gloves and a face mask – after all, I was opening milk bottles and placing straws down the neck, so hygiene was paramount. (Ironically, in Melbourne today, I have to wear a mask to collect my milk in the morning – but this is an aside.)

In those days, milk came in essentially one form – pasteurised, and later homogenised. By the 1980s, a milk revolution took place. The Big M arrived providing flavoured milk, followed closely by a range of milk types. Today, we have a huge range of milk products catering to every possible need.

The slogan accompanying the Big M revolution was ‘things will never be the same now the Big M’s here’. And true enough, it has never been the same – arguably for the better.

The same could be said of the ‘big C’ – COVID-19. Because higher education will never be the same.

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