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The New Reality (2023)

Preface by Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley


The ‘new normal’ has been explained away – suggesting that the changes that have occurred and reframed our working lives in particular are now normal. The term ‘new reality’ is probably more fitting as we stretch and yawn our way out of the COVID-19 scenario and take stock of the new environment we have created and are now living within. What the ‘new reality’ though implies is a heightened use of technology with the notion that we will not return to what we once accepted as normal.

Reflecting on everyday experiences – in the new reality – technology is ubiquitous in fact our day to day lives are now essentially digitalised. I cannot recall when I last printed a copy of something to read or use. I read novels on my phone; I make lists electronically; I pay for goods and services electronically; I conduct most meetings on line; and I proof read on screen. When did this all happen? In reality it has crept up – but it was indeed accelerated by COVID circumstances that forced many of us into the digital age – never to return.

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