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Chang Hong

Chang Hong is a highly accomplished and versatile musician, renowned for her exceptional skills as a clarinettist, pianist, and director. Based in Singapore, she has made significant contributions to the music industry through her captivating performances and passion for music education.


With a distinguished educational background from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore, Chang has honed her talents and expertise in the realm of music. Her Bachelor of Music (Honours) and Post-Graduate degree in Music Performance have laid the foundation for her illustrious career.


As the CEO & Director of Hitmaker Global Academy, Chang leads and shapes the organization's musical programs and initiatives. Her dedication to music education is further highlighted by her role as a woodwind specialist, where she imparts her knowledge to students at various educational institutions.


Chang Hong's artistry as a performer has graced renowned stages worldwide, showcasing her mastery of the clarinet and piano. Her collaborations with esteemed ensembles and orchestras, including the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the Macau Philharmonic Orchestra, have earned her acclaim for her expressive and virtuosic performances.


Beyond her musical prowess, Chang Hong's entrepreneurial spirit has led her to remarkable achievements. In 2021, she was honoured with the prestigious Aspiring Women Entrepreneur award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the music industry and her leadership in establishing Hitmaker Global Academy.


As an event organizer, Chang has contributed to prestigious competitions and festivals, such as the International Solo & Ensemble Competitions, Singapore International Ensemble Competition, and Guiyang International Music Festival.


Her passion for music and dedication to nurturing young talents have not gone unnoticed. Chang Hong's impact on the music community extends beyond her own performances, as she conducts masterclasses and workshops, sharing her expertise and inspiring aspiring musicians.


Throughout her journey, Chang Hong has been recognized and honoured with numerous grants, scholarships, and awards, attesting to her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft.


Chang Hong's impressive career as a clarinettist, pianist, and director continues to inspire and uplift the world of music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those she touches through her artistry, commitment to music education, and remarkable achievements as an entrepreneur.

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