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Genesis of Musicum20

In October of 2004, the Perspectives of Music in the 21st Century: Music Schools between Tradition and Renovation Symposium was held at Nagoya University of the Arts, Japan.


Amongst the presenters at the Symposium were:


Professor Greg Whateley – Sydney

Professor Yutaka Nakagawa - Nagoya

Professeur Michael Wladkowski – Paris


Greg Whateley presented a paper Navigating New and Innovative Directions in Global Music Education written and developed with the late Dr Peter Calvo, Founder of the Australian Institute of Music. 

In 2012, Philosopher Yutaka Nakagawa made contact with Greg Whateley. He suggested, after lengthy consideration (of some 8 years), that we should rekindle the friendship and thus Musicum20 was born.


MUSICUM20 is an international co-operative venture that brings together a range of adjunct personnel from a range of institutions.



The ultimate goal is to have 20 partners worldwide that work co-operatively at a number of levels.


These partners are not to be in direct competition, so as to achieve a relationship and dialogue of complete trust and transparency.


It is person based (rather than institution) which provides maximum portability and speed and provides the necessary champions for a project of this kind to fly and survive – and indeed continue if individuals move from Institution to Institution. 


Multiple Layers

•Annual International Symposium

•International exchange and visits

•An eJournal and or communiqué

•Cross-institutional student enrolments



•Common Post Graduate award

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