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Exploring a New Era –

Hybrid, Blended and Online Learning

Preface by Emeritus Professor Greg Whateley 


As a consequence of the COVID -19 pandemic there has been an involuntary shift to online
learning. In turn this has also highlighted and facilitated a range of other alternate mode
delivery mechanisms for international students. Sometimes referred to as flexible modes of
delivery and other time alternate modes of delivery. The traditional face to face mode has
been overtaken (certainly for a period of time) with a range of alternative arrangements that
cater for lock downs and community restrictions.

Tertiary Institutions were required to move rapidly into eLearning - as a matter of survival.
Some of the better prepared organisations (and many had been dabbling in alternate/flexible
options for some time) managed to deviate even further and utilise the other two modes with
varying degrees of success. Sector reports suggest the more flexible inclined have fared best
in the so called international student crisis. There are a number of reasons for this. As the
Australian Government regulations loosed on the number of paid hours that international
students can work in country – from 40 hours per fortnight to unlimited – the demand, of
course, for flexibility has grown significantly.

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