After graduating from piano studies at Musashino Music Academy in Tokyo, Nobuko worked as a lecturer of piano and solfege at Nagoya University of Arts. During this time she performed piano recitals and concerts with orchestra in Japan and attended summer piano seminars in Warsaw and Barcelona.

Following this, Nobuko decided to study clinical psychology and physiological psychology. She completed the masters’ course and went on to a doctorate. She received the degree of M.A. from Aichi Shukutoku University. During this time she published papers on the effects of music on dementia sufferers. One of them, titled ‘Changes in NK cell activity in the elderly through music therapy’ was reported on by Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK, and by several other regional television networks. In addition, her research received an excellence award at the 1999 Tokai Science Promotion Conference.

She spent one year in 2003 at the University of Hawaii where she performed research and presented on music psychology. In 2007, she attended Colorado State University and received a Diploma and a Fellow in good standing of the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy.

Nobuko is currently doing research to create programs which prevent dementia, and she is making a program for the activation of the brain using intelligent activity.

She is currently the Head of the Department of Music Creative Arts and Professor at the School of Music at Nagoya University of Arts. She is on the council of the Japanese Music Therapy Association.


Principal Papers

Changes in NK Cell Activity in the Elderly through Music Therapy

The Effect of Passive and Active Music Therapy on the Elderly Using Physiological Index.  

Professor Nobuko Kubota