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President & CEO, Director of Music Business Department Pop Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg - University of Popular Music and Music Business.

After finishing his studies of Economics at University Mannheim and holding a degree in Economics Professor Hubert Wandjo started his career in the music business within the marketing section at CBS Records. Working successfully in different marketing positions he quickly moved to a senior management level within CBS becoming Head of Music Business.

In 1989 he was appointed to a leading role in the A&R sector – at that stage already to be known as Sony Music. Five years later he took on the position of Deputy Director at Sony Music. In 1996 Hubert was appointed Managing Director at Columbia. The following year he was offered the role as Managing Director at Eastwest Records, a Warner Music company based in Hamburg.

In 2002 Hubert, Michael Herberger and Xavier Naidoo founded the record label Beats Around the Busch. In the summer of 2003 Professor Hubert Wandjo took on the position of Managing Director at Pop Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg setting up and leading the Academy in joint efforts with Udo Dahmen and Dirk Metzger. When Dirk Metzger left Pop Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg in June 2007 he took on overall business responsibilities in the position of Business Director. In April 2008 he was appointed Professor.

Professor Hubert Wandjo 

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